Gerbera Daisies

Last year I planted all my flowers and then my daughter in law Shannon showed me Gerbera daisies.  Love at first sight, I waited until this spring to buy some plants.

I have a brown thumb, every year I manage to kill my container plants at least once. Two years ago I lost my diamond ring planting flowers, in panicked terror I destroyed 3 large pots before finding my ring. Last year I over fertilized them, another year I over watered causing root rot. I am determined to keep my Gerbera daisies alive, so I did some research and made some notes about how I need to care for my new blossoms.

This is what I found out about tending them:

Gerbera daisies can be grown from seed, and can be tended to live year around in certain climates. In outside pots Gerbera daisies do best in a potting mix with top soil, peatmoss and sand. They said to allow the soil to dry in between waterings; check the dampness of the container soil every other day, and water them in the morning. These little beauties prefer that you err on the dry side instead of keeping them constantly wet. (Eureka, no problem there).

Gerbera daisies enjoy sunlight, but not too much heat, in temperatures above 27C/80F they can cook.  I think that’s pretty much true for most blossoms.

Daisies are not prone to insect infestations, but any plant can get attacked by spider mites and aphids. If this happens spray them with insecticidal soap mixed with water. (I learned this from experience)

It is better to underfeed potted plants with fertilizer rather than to overfeed. Two weeks after planting, apply a diluted water-soluble or dry fertilizer to the soil and repeat every three weeks.

These plants come in a wide variety of colours, I of course picked pink, white and salmon.

So exciting spring is finally here.



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