Front Porch Summer Decor Update

Front Porch for the Summer of 2016

This is the first house I ever had with a porch of any kind. Our porch is rather small but I adore decorating it to welcome people. Like the rest of the house I change it to match the seasons and my updates aren’t always big or a significant amount of work. These are all super easy ideas and Hubs in the picture is glad none of it was on his honey please list.

Easy front porch makeover, Summer front porch.


Paint the Door a New Trendy Colour

By now I am sure you all know that painting your front door is a super easy, high impact project.  Our door really needs replacing but the way our puppy behaves its not a wise investment.  The door is painted with with Benjamin Moore’s Breathe of Fresh Air and its a gorgeous soft shade of blue.  This year I chose bright pink Gerbera Daisies as my featured flower and I love the contrast of the bright pink and the soft blue.

Easy front porch makeover, diy front makeover.a

Repaint Accessories to Match  

The watering can was light lavender and the little wire basket was black.  Both received a quick spray paint makeover in hot pink to match the flowers. The watering can by the front door reminds me to water everything and the little basket hold a bunch of Gunter’s unplayed with dog toys.

DIY Hello Sign

The hello sign a simple stencil done on a diy wood frame.  Here is the tutorial if you need to make one from lumber.

aEasy front porch makeover, Summer front porch.


Stain the sign base white and then add  the hello lettering.  You can make the letters using a simple letter stencil, glue on pre-made wood letters from the dollar store, or with a cutting machine.   I created a stencil with the Silhouette and then filled in the lettering in with a marker.

I used the Silhouette and vinyl to cut out hello, and hot pink hummingbirds (Silhouette Design Store – View Design #33007: hummingbirds).   I did not want to attach the sign to the houses vinyl siding so I suspended it from the front door lamp with clear fishing wire.

DIY Lantern Makeover

The final project is a lantern that was first painted to match the door.  It’s a large wood lantern and a few years old.  Its still holding together, but after this summer its going to get resanded and reglued.  Its a cheerful little lantern though and I have attached a small light to the inside of the roof (not glamourous,  just grey duct tape).

Easy front porch makeover, Summer front porch.I chose to quickly dye the inside of a mason jar hot pink to match the flowers,. There are numerous super easy tutorials online I thought it would take a few minutes.   It was honestly an awful process, never again. Four hours and 12 jar attempts later I decided to cover the runs on the top of the jar with a pretty ribbon added some flowers and thought one jar is good enough.


If I were to do the jar again.  I would add some food colouring to water and skip the mod podge idea.

Coating your own Mason Jar – Lessons Learned

I  recommend trying the air dry method first, my jars looked perfect until I baked them.

I also recommend not adding any water to the Mod Podge this greatly reduced the running.

To get a nice dark colour it took about 30 drops of food colouring.

The mod podge tinted jars are to be used dry. You can’t add water to them but they would work really well for artificial blossoms.

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