DIY Loaf Pan Boxes

I pick up odds and sods of baking items all the time.  I grab cupcake liners, cookie cutters, toothpicks, cute straws , paper doilies on a regular basis.   I have seen mini loaf pan liners but they were $6.00 for 4 pans, so I didn’t grab any.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them again, so I had to make some of my own.  These ones cost  $1.00 to make four, and took 30 minutes after I had made the template.

Faerie lime banana loaf

You can make these on your silhouette machine, but not everyone has one, so this time I decided to go traditional.

You will need:

paper for the template

card stock paper




measuring tape

hole punch

Measure the dimensions inside the pan.   My pans were 8″ long by 5 1/2″ wide, and 1 5/8″ deep.


Mark the dimensions on plain paper.  Cut out the outside dimensions.

Faerie diy loaf boxFold and form creases along all the markings.

Cut slots that I have marked with  X.

Fold the end pieces outside the long piece, and test fit the template to your pan, make adjustments if needed.


Faerie mark out templateTransfer the template to the wrong side of the card stock.  Fold back corners and mark out the corner squares.


Faerie fold and cutCut to size ,  remove corners, make folds with creases.

Make fancy cuts along outside edges. (optional)


Punch Holes

Faerie hole placementFold paper in half lengthwise being careful not to crease, cut the first 2 punch holes.


Faerie making holesUnfold and use placement to make the four remaining punch holes.


Your box will look something like this.

Faerie box final

Starting from the front left hole weave the string front to back.  You will end with the string going back to front in the right front hole.

Faerie DIY l oaf box

Place your loaf into box, tie string tightly with little bow.

I hope you think they are as pretty as I do.


2 thoughts on “DIY Loaf Pan Boxes

    1. They are pretty easy to put together as well. I find them useful because these days no one is here to inhale a full loaf.

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