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Faerie Flower Tutu

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Spring, green grass, playing outside, sitting in the sunshine.  Life is good, it only gets better when the girls are around me.

I wanted this tutu to look like a princess flower faerie,  I made it with my eldest girlish, sweet and gentle grand daughter in mind.   This tutu uses an immense amount of tulle, but it suits our girl perfectly.    When I saw it on her, I knew I wouldn’t change a thing.

Faerie Flower Tutu
Sparkles for you Sis!


To make the floral white tutu you will need:

White  tulle -380 yards (195 strips each 70″ long)
Pink  tulle – 20 yards (20 strips each 40″long)
Green tulle – 12 yards ( 10 strips 40″ long)
1 adult size crochet headband with holes (or crochet top if available) mine had 65 rows across and10 rows down)
Assorted coordinating flowers
Wide ribbon for a belt
Cardboard, measuring tape, scissors, crochet hook,needle and thread


I learned a lot about tulle making this project. There are many types of tulle materials; bridal tulle, craft tulle, craft netting. Tulle comes in silk , polyester, cotton, or nylon. Wedding tulle that comes in bolts was the highest quality of tulle I found; unfortunately it required cutting the tulle into strips.  Dollar store netting was really rigid and scratchy. I finally chose to work with rolls of precut wedding decor tulle made from nylon.


Measure  from the underarm to the floor and then subtract five inches. Leaving the skirt off the ground will not only keep it cleaner but reduce tripping hazards.

My grand daughter is a tall little girl. The tutu I made was 34 inches long to leave  length for the knot, I needed 70″ strips.

To measure the tulle:

Please save yourself eons of time and make a cardboard template for cutting your tulle.

faerie tutu cutting tulleCut your cardboard to length mine was 35″.  Mark mark one end of the cardboard where you will still be able to see it once covered in tulle. Start the tulle at that end and flip the cardboard twice for each length of tulle needed.  Cut the tulle in counts of 20, carefully cut the tulle at one end. ( makes ten strips)

To attach the tulle:

The holes in my headband were quite small. Instead of stretching the headband to accommodate my fingers I pulled the tulle through using a large crochet hook. (For those who crochet it’s like doing a single crochet and then pulling the tulle through)

Adding the tulle is a very straight forward simple process. (I used pink tulle for contrast in these photos)

Start at the seam third row from the bottom and tie tulle in every hole.  Repeat for two more rows.  You will end up with 3 rows of white tulle. Repeat the process around the entire headband.

Make the petals

Once you have the three rows of white ready, make 5 petals, spread evenly around the tutu.   Here is a  chart of the colour placement for each petal.

green pink blank pink green
white white white white white white white
white white white white white white white
white white white white white white white

Once the tulle is attached.

Green Tulle BlossomTake the 4 strips of green tulle and layer flat together, then layer each pink tulle neatly over the green.  Wrap the tulle with white thread tying the ends together, fold under forming the blossom, add a couple of stitches to hold it in place.

Repeat for the other four blossoms.




Sew assorted blossoms around the bottom of the tulle as you choose.  I purchased little matching cotton camisoles to tuck into the tutu, making it comfortable.  (My little grand daughters bohemian tutu costume is the topic of another post.)

Faeries Floral Tutu

Who can blame a grandmother for wanting these little ones to have pretty play costumes.


Tips and Lessons Learned

Tulle comes in all varieties, don’t choose on that is too stiff and scratchy, or too soft and not poofy.

I started by cutting each individual piece and it took forever. If I had taken the time to cut the cardboard first I would have saved myself a couple of hours.

The tulle can get very voluminous, just push it off to the side to keep your working tulle from getting knotted.

Sharing helps my blog grow

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