Front Porch Summer Decor Update

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This is the first house I ever had with a porch of any kind. Our porch isn’t large enough to sit out on, but I adore decorating it to welcome people. Like the rest of the house I change it to match the seasons, my updates aren’t always big or a significant amount of work. I considered not posting these easy projects, eventually deciding you may enjoy the simple project ideas.

Faerie front door
Herman says “Hello”

Door Colour

This year the Gerbera daisies were my inspiration. I chose bright pink blossoms, I think they look great beside the door I painted with Benjamin Moore’s Breathe of Fresh Air colour two years ago.

Watering Can and Basket

I used a lavender coloured watering can given to us by Damien and Shannon as a house warming gift and a wire basket used for Gunter’s collection of non played with toys. I painted both the watering can and basket in hot pink to match the Gerberas and placed them on the porch. Two simple projects completed.

Hello Sign

To make the hello sign make the wood frame, here is the tutorial.

Faerie hello signStain it and then add hello using a silhouette, pre-made wood letters, or stenciling.

I used the Silhouette and vinyl to cut out hello, and hot pink hummingbirds (Silhouette Design Store – View Design #33007: hummingbirds). I hung it from the front door lamp with fishing wire. So far this seasonal porch update has went very well.



Porch Lantern

Finally I updated the lantern, it was painted blue to match the door two years ago.

Faerie Mason Jar LanternI chose to quickly dye the inside of a mason jar hot pink. There are numerous super easy tutorials online. No problem I got this, well maybe not so much. Four hours and 12 jar attempts later I decided to cover the runs on the top of the jar with a pretty ribbon. Added some flowers, and wrapped the bottom in matching pink material.

If your wanting to dye jars yourself, I recommend giving it a try.

They should look pretty if done right. I added some of my lessons learned to the bottom of this post.

From now on I am tinting my mason jars by filling them with water and a little food dye. I do like how our summer porch turned out though.


Lessons Learned

I would recommend trying the air dry method first, my jars looked perfect until I baked them.

I also recommend not adding any water to the Mod Podge this greatly reduced the running.

To get a nice dark colour it took about 30 drops of food colouring.

The mod podge tinted jars are to be used dry. You can’t add water to them.

Sharing helps my blog grow

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