Forest Faerie Tutu

This tutu so suits my youngest little ones personality, I specifically made it shorter for a little one on the move.  She was able to play outside with it and had no issues climbing or sliding, it worked well for our very active forest fairy.

Forest Fairy
If I cast a spell, Grama’s heart just melts……..

To make this tutu you will need:

Tulle in bright green, purple and sparkly green

Bright green tulle (195 strips – 40 ” long)

Purple tulle (7 strips – 40 “long)

Green sparkle tulle (7 strips – 40” long)

1 adult size crochet headband


Measuring tape


Crochet hook

Needle and thread

Various leaves and flowers


There are numerous types of tulle. Tulle comes in silk , polyester, cotton, or nylon. Quality and cost varies widely, wedding tulle that comes in bolts was the highest quality of tulle I found.  I was not willing to cut the tulle into strips, so I  purchased rolls of precut wedding décor tulle made from nylon.


The tutu is 18 inches long. Each strip needs to be 40″ long to accommodate for the tulle used making the knot.

Measure the tulle:

It will save you time if you make a cardboard template for cutting the tulle.

Cut the cardboard to 20″, with a pen mark one end of the cardboard where where it will remain visible once covered in tulle.  Start the tulle at that end and flip the cardboard twice for each length of tulle needed.

faerie tutu cutting tulleI counted until 20 before stopping to cut.  Carefully cut the tulle at one end ( makes ten strips). Once you cut all your tulle you can start assembling the tutu.


To attach the tulle:

Adding the tulle is a very straight forward process.  The holes the headband  were small. Instead of stretching the headband to accommodate my fingers I pulled the tulle through using a large crochet hook.

Starting on the third row from the bottom, attach a strip of tulle to every hole. Repeat the process for three rows.

forest faery tutuFor the top multi coloured row.  Starting at the front,  3 spaces to the left of center add a dark green tulle strip, leave four spaces, add a purple, repeat evenly around the headband, make sure to end with green at the front to create a gap as shown.


Waistline flower arrangement:

Fairy Greenery

I designed this tutu to look like a bohemian bodice using leaves and flowers. This design uses a alot of greenery, leaves taken off of dollar store flowers can be used.

Place leaves in every second hole attach them loosely with a needle and thread. Make sure to break up the threads into sections so the waistband can stretch.  Complete this all the way around.

Forest faerie anchors Start building the centerpiece by adding two long stems to the outside for structure. Sew them at the top, and tack them to the tutu in spots.





Fill in leaves fairy

Fill in the display with wide leaves on the bottom,  weave into the headband and sew where you can.  Supplement with glue where ever you can that won’t show.  Weave tall florals into the top of the band to mimic a bodice, again sew as much as you can and supplement with glue.  Finally use two coordinating colours of ribbon, tie in a pretty bow, and attach to the middle of the arrangement.


Fairy focal pointFinally add the focal point flower,  sew as much as possible and glue.

This tutu matches the forest fairy crown  I posted earlier, and a  set of wings, that I will post shortly.




Forest Fairy Peek-a-boo
Forest Fairy Peek-a-boo

Forest faeries play peek-a-BOO. I see you, do you see me?

I had the best of afternoons playing with the girls out in the spring air.   Its four week’s since I gave these to them, and they are still wearing and playing with them.  What better feedback can a Grama have?








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