DIY Fabric Peony Arrangement

I treat myself to real bouquets of flowers a few times a year, but cannot afford them year around.  I don’t typically like artificial flowers but I really enjoy the DIY fabric flowers.  My favorite is the peonies from the DIY Mommy blog.  I cannot take credit for the method, to make the blossoms follow her video.

Faerie Peony

To make 7 peonies, you will need:

3/4 yard acetate (polyester, nylon)

3/4 yard chiffon (polyester, nylon)

floral wire stems

glue gun, and 10 + glue sticks


faerie peonyThe 7 peonies took 1.5 yards of material, and cost about $20 to make for our guest room.  I used yellow polyester chiffon, and yellow acetate lining.  Other than following the video I would suggest cutting your blossoms one night.  Burning the blossoms and sorting them by size into bags another night.  Once the blossoms are prepared you can assemble the flowers in one night.


Arranging the flowers

Peony Stems

Coordinating stem lengths.  These flowers are heavy, to keep them standing straight, fold the wires over and twist at the base of the flower.  Make 1 flower long for the center of the arrangement, 4 a bit shorter to fill in the four sides, and finally 2 short stems for fill ins as needed.


To arrange the flowers you can use a block of floral foam.  I much prefer using  a glass flower frog.

Faerie FrogA glass flower frog provides 12 evenly spaced holes.  When you place your blossom stem in the hole they are instantly arranged.  They are reusable and inexpensive.  You can find them at antique stores or online.  They should cost less than $10, unless they come with paired with their original flower bowl.





Faerie Arranging

Place the longest flower in the center of the arrangement, the four medium sized stems in the four corners, add the last two blossoms anywhere you have space to fill.

Finish off the arrangement with bits of greenery.


This peony bouquet is part of our guestroom refresh, along with the welcome signs and tray.

Faerie Peony Tray

I hope you and my guests enjoy these blossoms.







2 thoughts on “DIY Fabric Peony Arrangement

  1. Lucky you. Our peonies are just buds yet. I could never afford to buy enough of these for a big bouquet, making them myself allowed me to have a whole big bowl full.

    Really glad you like them, thank you for commenting. Leanna

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