Forest Fairy Crown

Fairy fashion is feminine, romantic and natural; I define this design as whimsically bohemian. I took my youngest grand daughters wonderful impish personality and her love for forest faeries as my inspiration.

This costume was made special for her, but she really truly brought it to life.  It was worth ever second it took to make it for her.  I hope you make one and love it as much as I do this one on her.

faerie crown
Hmm what sparkly spells to make?

Head Sizes

To allow for variation in head size and growth, the crown is adjustable.
General head size for 3-5 year olds is 20”, for 6 – 10 year olds is 21”; if making a crown for a specific little girl measure first to be sure.


4 flower sprays (2 purple and two white)
ivy and other leafy foliage

3 ribbons in coordinating colours
floral wire (I used 18”)
floral tape

To make the crown:

Take 3 lengths of floral wire. Make a loop at one end of two of the wires.

fairy crown wireBraid the 3 wires together to form a circle.

Start at one end; wrap the wire twice with floral tape. Make sure there are no wire ends poking through. If there is add extra floral tape.




Moss will provide softness, cushion any wire ends, provide space to attach flowers, and fill in gaps between flowers.

fairy mossUsing a glue gun cover the crown with moss; flatten and spread the moss, so that it’s about 1/3 inch thick.




Make a floral base. Use two lengths of wire. Attach the floral base wire to the crown. Wrap with a loop around the crown. Pinch the loop tight with pliers to secure.

Mold the wire to stand up about 1 inch and 2 inches high from the crown.

Trim off excess wire, attach end with second loop. Pinch tight with pliers to secure.

Cover the crown completely; ensure the back is covered. Fill in any gaps, and remove any glue threads.

Floral and Greenery Design

fairy greenery

I came across some beautiful trailing ivy to drape down the right side of the crown and a flower for the back center closure. For symmetry I chose the focal point to be on the left front of the crown. I had many kinds of leaves, dark to light green, large to small, specifically purchased and leftover from other projects.

Remove all the leaves and flowers from their stems.

Do a casual placement of the flowers before gluing anything. Start assembly once you have the arrangement determined . Be careful using hot glue, it can really burn you.

faerie flowerWith the crown front facing you, start with the largest leaves. Apply a dab of hot glue to the flower base and attach (I placed two leaves to the right side and one to the left).

Place a large (2”) flower on the left center.


Fill in the arrangement with leaves; ensure the floral crown is covered as shown.

Reinforce the floral arrangement with more glue anywhere it will not show.

fairy flower 2Add your corresponding flowers opposite to the focal flower.

Decorate the remainder of the crown with small leaves or flowers.

Attach the trailing ivy (optional).

Flower Closure

I used a medium white blossom to conceal the back opening. It would also look nice with a butterfly, a ladybug (love them) a fairy doll, a star. This fall I am going to do some with sunflowers. So pretty.

Cut three ribbons 30” long (longer or a bit shorter is fine).

Fold the ribbon in half; make sure the ends are even.

faerie floral closureAttach the ribbon to the flower with a knot and glue to secure.

Insert the fold of the ribbon into the wire loop on the crown. Pass the ends through forming a knot.

Enforce the attachment of the ribbon and the flower with glue.

Review your work. Attach any stray strands, remove any glue threads that may be present.fairy floral crown

To attach the crown

Place the crown on the little girl’s head, pass three of the ribbons through the second loop and tie in a bow.

Tips and Lessons Learned

Sew flowers to the ends of the ribbon; I chose not to. The girls will add this to their dress up closet and I want the ribbons to repeatedly tie on.

3 thoughts on “Forest Fairy Crown

  1. This is so beautiful, it looks as if it was made by the fairies themselves. I honestly had no idea how much work goes into these. Your granddaughter is the perfect model for the crown and she gives us much sweet inspiration. I’ll definitely be pinning and sharing this.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Its alot of fun to put together one you got all the supplies gathered.

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