Container Sized Faerie Garden

I became fascinated with faeries only last year.  I had never heard about fairy gardens until the girls showed me theirs.  Their yard has 100 year old mature trees,  pin cherries, roses, lilacs, rhubarb, raspberries.  They have a big fairy door and all kinds of treasures both purchased and hand made in their fairy garden.

We have a very small urban yard. This year I had grand plans on turning Herman’s  fire pit into a fairy beach, with a miniature waterfall.  Herman keeps hoping to burn wood in the yard, so he didn’t want me to steal his fire pit container.  He isn’t missing the fountain project I was asking him about either; this year our fairy garden will be contained in a flower pot.

Faerie Garden
Welcome to Fiddlehead Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are perfect for urban settings, they can have lots of little focal points, take hardly anytime to create, and even less time to look after.  This little fairy garden can be   grown outside or in.  By using succulents the plants stay in size perspective, and don’t outgrow the pot.


Faerie Beware of Trolls Garden
Beware of Trolls

This project is pretty much shop and drop; after purchasing the faerie items it only took ten minutes to assemble.  Fairy gardens are easy for children to participate in and their friends can be challenged to locate the little figures within the pot.   There are numerous tutorials online for faerie items,  I will be posting some of my own.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

In the meantime beware of trolls 🙂


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